Shilpa Shah

Shilpa Shah


Founder and owner of Yellow Jersey, Shilpa Shah is the first lady entrepreneur to introduce top-notch international bicycle brands in India!

Sensing lack of quality and international bikes in the city, she took up the challenge by advocating multiple premium brands and encouraged thousands of aspiring riders to this sport. Her vision is to promote cycling as a healthy hobby and sport, catering riders right from daily commuters to fitness enthusiast, gravel riders to trail trackers, road racers or endurance bikers. Inspired by the idea of introducing this clean, green commute in Hyderabad city, she began her novel venture in 2010.

Today, Yellow Jersey has a growing community of cyclists, with many trying to set records and participating in global cycling events, brevets, duathlon, Triathlon, marathons and has been instrumental in completely transforming the lives of many.

For Shilpa, providing a strong back-end support is the key to customer satisfaction. Yellow Jersey sports a world-class service centre, along with a wide range of biking gear and accessories. What’s more, her own technical know-how on bicycles is indeed remarkable.

Also a fitness enthusiast, she enjoys swimming, cycling and practices yoga. And, looks forward to continuing her successful run and expanding her retail business.

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