Yellow Jersey Services

Yellow Jersey Services

Show your bike some love!

Seeing a dusty and sloppy bike after a stunning spin at our service station excites us the most.
Service should always be on the mind of every cyclist for a sound ‘BRAKING PERFORMANCE’ and we’ll love to pamper your bike. We have a team of obsessed biking mechanics and technicians whose sole dream is to make your ripped, worn, and torn bike look like a brand new!
From basic tune-up to creaking bottom brackets, lubing cables, derailleurs, brake & shift levers, we can do it all. With oodles of space for a dedicated service station and precise tools, our certified technicians work with a “zero-defect” attitude for quick checks, tune-ups, and full overhauls.
Along with many à la carte services for your bike like basic tune-up, popular tune-up, and frame strip orientation, we would love to offer beverages and quick bites for you to chill out.

Basic Tune-Up

Basic tune-up is your bikes first or initial tune-up. This is for the bikes with low miles on them.

Popular Tune-Up

Popular tune-up is getting your bicycle back to shape. Your clean looking beauty out for a dirty spin again.

Frame Strip Operation

Squeaky bearings, tough suspensions, cranky cranks…all calls for your attention. A complete overhauling where we ensure all of them are serviced back to originality.

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